Past, Present, and Future of Maxie Treats



When I was a child my aunt would care for me while my mother went to work to support my three siblings and me. One hot summer day, my aunt became frazzled with worry when she could not find me. She searched high and low in the duplexes where she lived, but I was nowhere to be found. After a few hours of looking she decided to look outside the perimeter of the complex, and began a neighborhood search for her missing nephew. However, as she proceeded to leave the complex she spotted a little brown leg behind the trash dumpster. It was me; I was behind the dumpster eating a Popsicle sharing it with a stray cat.

That moment was poignant to my family and myself. We understood how deeply my love for animals was at that point. Though I no longer sit behind dumpsters and eat after stray cats, I still share my food with them.


A couple years ago when my dog “Honey” passed away, I vowed not to go through the pain of losing another pet. Then come one day, my sister’s neighbor’s dog had a litter of puppies. Max, the runt of the litter was brought to me.

Like so many others, after losing my job in the oil industry I realized that needed to adjust my finances to deal with the income reduction.  One of the luxury items that I realized might have to go were the dog treats I bought for Max. Max is generally not well behaved, but he listens better when I have a treat in hand. Interestingly, during that time I began to have health issues and had to change my entire diet and learn about better nutrition. So, I thought, “Why not make wholesome, nutritious dog treats?” It would save money and foster our new healthy living plan.

I have always loved to bake, but now I am baking for my favorite customer.


What does tomorrow hold for Maxie Treats? Well ultimately, I plan to open a dog friendly restaurant. My other favorite pastime is baking bagels. I want to have a dog friendly bagel deli where customers can have a bagel sandwich while their dogs enjoy their favorite treat.

This summer, because Texas summers are amazingly hot, I am planning PUPPY ICE CREAM FEST 2017. What better way to enjoy a doggie park than with some puppy ice cream?  Stay tuned, as more information is to come…